An advanced Italian technology that imparts full potential of porcelain in a product, offering performance and appearances with high application potentials. We call it the ‘TechnoSLAB’


TechnoSLAB’s large size gives aesthetic qualities which is a major artistic advantage, guaranteeing material continuity throughout the settings. Natural Stones may not give this advantage, also, extreme strong adhesion required to cover tiny flaws on the edges means additional time and highly skilled professionals. Overcoming this traditional pain points, TechnoSLAB’s are carefully engineered to be characterised by practicality, adaptability and beauty.


Heat and stain resistant

Unlike marbles, they do not scratch, etch or dull from spills, heat or high temperatures. No discolouration by direct and prolonged sunlight.


Highy Non Porous

TechnoSLAB is highly non-porous, liquids do not seep in. Spills can be cleaned up with a simple wipe, hence its easy to clean and maintain.


Thin and light

TecnnoSLAB’s are much lighter than natural stones – while being amazingly structurally sound. Allowing easy installation on trickier applications.


Cost effective

The material cost is considerably lower than marble, granite or quartzite. TechnoSLAB’s can also be installed over existing surfaces – saving again on cost.


Dimensional Stability

Extremely planar surface which is free of any internal tension resulting in dimensional stability, resitance to abrasions, or thermal expansion.


Eco-friendly & Hygienic

A carbon neutral production process that results into no emission of contaminants. Does not allow growth or build-up of any harmful bacteria or mould, hence suitable for food contact.


Friction Coefficient

Coefficient of friction is >0.60 or equal. It exceeds general safety and health regulations.


Consistent Patterning

TechnoSLAB's are made to mimic the organic patterning of highly sought after natural granites and marbles. Continuity from slab to slab, minimises joins resulting in a free flowing surface.

Terrazzo Florentine Techno Slab XL

Marquina Black Technk Slab XL

  • Description


    Marquina Black Techno Slab XL 

    Edge: Rectified

    Finish: Satin

    Size: 3200x1600 mm / 2400x1200 mm

    Thickness: 9 mm


Statuario SegnoTechno Slab XL

  • Statuario Segno Techno Slab XL 

    Edge: Rectified

    Finish: Satin

    Size: 3200x1600 mm / 2400x1200 mm

    Thickness: 9 mm

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